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DAVE'S INTERVIEWS - Dave's Voice Worx


I have been able to interview several well know people and on this page you can listen in. 


Getting to interview Mike Love was a great honor despite me not being a huge Beach  Boy Fan.  His place in Pop Culture is legendary.

A unique sidebar to the interview.  I had a dear friend who was in the end stages of cancer.  I talked with the Beach Boys management and aske if the group would sign a boogie board for the station to auction off and they agreed.   Then just 3 weeks before the concert I found out I had Prostrate Cancer.  During the introduction on stage I announced that I too had cancer.  As I walked off stage i was met by each member of The Beach Boys  who shook my hand or hugged me wishing me well.    Here it is 11 years later and yes I am doing fine and cancer free.  But the most important thing is we raised alot of money for the Cancer Society. 




The late Bruce Clark and I became friends after I had called him on his morning TV station in Laughlin Nevada.  One day out of the blue he calls me and ask if I wanted to interview Tommy Smothers of the Smothers Brothers?   I almost broke his eardrum when I shouted into the phone YES!

The Smothers Brothers had a great influence on me over the years with their style of comedy and the stand they took for their believes.

In this interview we talk about how his Dick Smothers was one of the best straight men ever.  Tom’s relationship with John Lennon and playing on “Give Peace a Chance”

This was one of the highlights of my years in radio


Candy Clark Actress in American Graffiti


I met and interviewed actress Candy Clark when she made an appearance at the Cache Valley Cruise in car show.  We talked aabout the classic movie and how difficult the shooting schedule was.   Candy has appeared in other movies like “The man who fell to the earth” and “Blue Thunder”.  On TV she has appeared on” The Dating Game”,” Magnum P.I.” and more.


I met David Pack several years ago.  You know his work as the creative voice of Ambrosia.   His biggest hit is “You’re the biggest part of me” but on this interview you will hear how he became part of Presidential history.   Still active in the recording industry he has worked with several of the biggest names in the industry. 


I got to meet and interviewed a fascinating man his name, Alex Boye.

Alex’s story is one of survival and redemption. He was born in Nigeria and raised in London mostly in foster homes in tough neighborhoods.

In the interviews Alex talks about his upbring and how at times of his life he was destitute. His talent helped him along the way and his conversion to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I remember before going on the air we were kept each other laughing as we talked about both of us growing up listening to Motown and R and B music. I think what broke the ice was a poster I had hanging in the studio of 70’s music artist drawn by Mad Magazine artist Don Martin.

Over the years Alex has performed with George Michael, Bryan Adams, Simon and Garfunkel and many others. One of the many others had many members as he was part of The Choir at Temple Square AKA as the Mormon Tabernacle choir.



I talked with Dr. Debbye Turner on my morning show on KOOL 1039.  It was not the first time I talked with her.  I first met Dr. Turner in Wellsville Missouri in 1991 just days after she had given up her crown as Miss America in 1990.  She and I host a small pageant in Mid Missouri.  I was amazed at how brilliant she was with a great sense of humor, and you would have thought that we had worked together many times. 

In this interview we talked about her love of animals and being a veterinarian in St. Louis


I met comedic actor Bill Daily completely by accident at what was then called Comic Con in Salt Lake City.  I was standing by while a local TV personality name Big Buddha was interviewing actress Barbra Eden  While his interview was ongoing I saw a man sitting and thought I recognized him and I was really surprised he was there.  It was actor Bill Daily , who had co-stared with Eden in “I Dream of Jeannie” a hit sitcom of the 60’s. 

Now I enjoyed, “I Dream of Jeannie”,  but it was Bill’s work on one of my all time favorite sitcoms  “The Bob Newhart Show´  the first of two hit sitcoms for Newhart.   I thought Daily’s work as bumbling neighbor was brilliant, and here he was 5 feet from me.   I asked him if I could sit with him and do a short interview for my radio show.  He was surprised that my questions were more about his work with Bob Newhart.  

Before we started the interview his cell phone rang and it was Bob Newhart’s daughter reminding Bill that Bob’s birthday was coming up.

In our interview Bill talked about the show and how at time Bob Newhart was a little difficult to work with and you will find out why. 

I admit I was a little bit star struck that day, I day I got to meet and talk with Bill Daley.